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MyTenantWorld Condominium Portal

Manage All Of Your Tenant Needs In One Place

Well, the My Tenant World condominium portal is here to fill that need with easy interactive tools that brings tenants and condo managers together with a simple interface. Our portal has two distinct sections; one for the residents and one for the managers, both equipped with powerful tools that make tenancy in Singapore hassle free.

Condo Manager Website

Our condo managers website is a web based platform that has tools that offer interactive features that give condo managers the ability to communicate with your residents in a simplified way as well as manage services for the condo all in one place. We also offer you a mobile apps so can stay in touch with your residents no matter where you are. Our condo managers website offers a range of options such as:

Web Based Content Management Tools
Private Condo Based Social Media Portal
Booking Management Portal
Service Fulfillment Portal
Reporting Tools
Security Tools
Announcement Tools
And Much More!

With a manager’s account profile, you can access tools to manage any number of properties under your purview all on one interface. You can set up booking calendars for the common facilities in the condominium, as well as handle reservations for those common facilities. Setting up maintenance schedules with outside contractors and communicating their service times is as easy as sending out a mass message or posting an announcement on the board. Bring your residents together with a closed social media board where you can post content, activities, events and much more. You are even able to respond to individual residents regarding their concerns, or to offer them personalized solutions for any condo related issue. The layout is user friendly and can be accessed from any location that offers a secure internet connection. Stay in touch with your residents to make their stay an truly fantastic experience.

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Condo Residents Website

Our condo residents website is a web based platform that has tools that offer interactive features that give residents the ability to communicate with the condo managers and also other residents to make community living a truly simplified process. We also offer mobile apps on both the iOS and Android so you can stay up to date even when you are on the go. Our resident website has a unique log in area for each condo, and a range of options such as:

Building Home Page
Community Events Portal
Activity and Announcement Portal
Service Request Portal
Business Directory Portal
Billing and Booking Portal
Guest Registration Portal
Member List
And more!

With a residential account profile, you can easily send messages to your condo manager when you need assistance with your space, need addition services, or if you simply have questions. Booking a facility like the tennis court in your condominium is also just a few mouse clicks away. The interactive calendar allows you to see which dates are available for your event, and reserve the space as well. Finding services for your unit such as maintenance, package delivery, or other concierge services can also be accessed from the resident website without leaving the comfort of your home. Our resident website is the perfect way to plan a community event in your building without the hassle of posting paper flyers or tracking other residents down in person to garner their input.

Making new friends has also never been easier, with the secure social platform, you can connect with other residents of your building to build lasting friendships that can span a lifetime. Never again will you miss an important announcement thanks to the web based board where condo managers and residents alike can post information the is specific for your building. Inviting guest to your condo is easy with our online visitor registration system.

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